What's on the Menu?

Farm-Fresh Beginnings: A vibrant selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a true homage to the Amorgian landscape.

Bread of Tradition: Savor the rustic goodness of homemade white and brown bread, with gluten-free options available on request. Our mini rusks and breadsticks add a delightful crunch.

Cereal Sensations: Choose from a variety of cereals and dried fruits to create your perfect morning bowl.

Granola Delights: Discover our fruit and honey granola, lovingly prepared to infuse your day with energy.

Sweet Moments: Sample our irresistible homemade spoon sweets and an array of homemade jams, paired perfectly with cookies, cake, and a traditional Greek rice pudding.

Greek Flavors: Experience the essence of Greece with Feta cheese, olives from our groves, and an assortment of deli meats and cheeses. Dive into the sweet harmony of peach compote and Greek Yogurt.

Egg-citing Choices: Savor the numerous egg recipes we offer, expertly prepared to satisfy every palate.

Golden Drizzles: Our breakfast table features locally harvested honey, a true gift from Amorgos.

Traditional Greek Delights: Experience the charm of traditional homemade treats that vary daily. From the indulgent Greek semolina halvah to the savory bite of mini cheese pies, you'll be pleasantly surprised every morning.

Wake Up with Beverages: Sip on fresh milk, zesty juices (orange, mixed fruit, peach, strawberry), aromatic coffee, indulgent hot chocolate, and soothing teas.