Feasts of Christianity and cultural events in Amorgos are countless.

Amorgos is a Cycladic island which holds tight and alive many local traditions along the years. All people here, old and young ones, help to organize the feast and cook local specialties. Musicians play traditional local music all night long until the early hours of the morning.
Αll events and diary dates are listed below.

Agios Ioannis (St. John) Klidonas feast
When: 23/06
Where: Chora
What: a spectacular show as all men walk over the fire which is set in the center of Loza square, according to tradition.

Agioi Anargiroi feast
When: 01/07
Where: Tholaria
What: the church of Agioi (Saints) Anargiroi which dominates in the center of the village celebrates every year. A great feast is organized by locals with plenty of food, wine and dance.

Agia Paraskevi feast
When: 25/07
Where: Kolofana, Kato Meria
What: a delicious local dish with goat and potatoes, "Patatato" is offered during this religious open-air celebration of Agia Paraskevi.

Psimeni raki festival
When: 26/07
Where: Katapola
What: witness the method of making "psimeni raki", the traditional Amorgian liquer. Psimeni raki and pasteli (Greek honey sesame bar) are offered in abundance during this festival.

Christos (Christ) feast
When: 06/08
Where: Chora
What: a great religious festival of Amorgos which takes place in Loza, the central square of the village with traditional music and dance.

Panagia (Virgin Mary) Epanochoriani feast
When: 15/08
Where: Lagada
What: one of the biggest feasts in Amorgos where you are offered patatato. One day before, you are also given to eat chickpeas or "koftos", another traditional dish with wheat.

Pasteli festival
When: 20/08
Where: Chora
What: a cooking pot is set in Loza where you can see all the procedure of making the Amorgian pasteli, bar of sesame seeds and honey. You taste it along with psimeni raki. Music and dance usually continue until next day.

Anefotara (Anafotara)
When: 31/08
Where: Tholaria
What: a huge fire is set in front of the church of Ag. Anargiroi. All people sing, dance and eat around the fire. This is a way to say goodbye to summer. The date 31/08 used to be the transition to the new productive year and the 1st of September was its beginning, in ancient time.

Xerotigano feast
When: first days of September
Where: Aegiali
What: after watching the process of making xerotigana (sweet fritters), you are going to be served. It is the sweet that is made in Christmas and New Year celebration. Also, it is offered in weddings and baptisms along with pasteli.

Stavros (cross) festival
When: 13/09
Where: Lagada
What: the path to reach Stavros chapel is challenging but you will be rewarded by the route and view in the end. "Patatato", the local dish is served along with "melomakarona" (Greek honey cookies).

Photos: M.Theol.Photography