5+1 reasons to experience traditional Easter in Amorgos

1. Easter (or Pascha) marks the beginning of summer for many people. These travellers that know well and have searched a little better, visit the Cyclades in spring exclusively. Whereas, during summer most of Cycladic islands are packed with lots of tourists and of course this is the situation in Amorgos as well. So, the best period to visit the island is Easter. You will be impressed by the atmosphere and local customs. Should you wish to go for swimming (maybe the 1st one), Amorgos is your next destination.

2. You will have the chance to visit the iconic monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa without waiting patiently in long queues (most common in summer months) under the sun. You may walk along with the icons, starting from the monastery and heading to the metochi (glebe) of Photodotis (light-giving) Christ in Chora. During the whole week, icons will wander to many churches of the island before ending in the monastery. Thus, you may follow these icons in some of all these routes, if you may wish.

3. Food in Amorgos is an experience in general, let alone during Easter. To start with, you taste 'mageiritsa', a traditional soup after the Resurrection and traditional stuffed baby goat which is slow-cooked in a wood fired oven on Easter Sunday. Let's not forget, 'koulourakia' (Easter cookies) and breads decorated with a red hard-boiled egg in the centre. Last but not least, are the Easter eggs which are dyed red.

4. Each village has its own customs during the Holy week: fire-lit cans during Epitaphios in Chora, fireworks the night of Resurrection and setting Judas effigy on fire in Tholaria, the team games in Lagada.

5. In specific, on Maundy Thursday, you can watch the decoration of a wooden bier by women (Epitaphios) at Tholaria's church, in Agioi (St.) Anargiroi. On Good Friday, you can choose to wander around Tholaria's or Chora's alleys full of sage and wild oregano during the procession of Epitaphios. What's more, young people place countless small fire-lit cans casting light along the narrow streets where Epitaphios passes.

6. On Easter Sunday, festive atmosphere is to be found all over the island! It is the day of joy for adults and children when they all participate in games held at the courtyard of Agioi Anargiroi church in Tholaria and at Agia Sofia, in Lagada. The same afternoon, they set the makeshift effigy of Judas on fire in Tholaria, whereas Judas is shot repeatedly the next day (Easter Monday) in Lagada.

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