Vigla Hotel is situated at the traditional village Tholaria, overlooking the bay of Aegiali and the mountainous landscapes. It is perched at a high altitude (170 meters high), offering incomparable views to the guests. From above, you are invited to indulge in gazing down upon the magnificent view of the port of Aegiali, the fierce beauty of Kroukelos, the eye catching village of Lagada as the white little houses spread like a veil on the mountainside and the first houses of Tholaria rising from above like white pearls, with the church of Agioi Anargyroi standing out like a proper jewel. 

From the back side of the hotel, the view looks like a painting that has come out of the bold imagination of some talented artist. Breathtaking views to the enchanting ancient Aegiali on Mount Vigla, are standing proud guard for centuries. On one of the hills, the beautiful chapel of St. Dimitrios is perched, soothing the soul and forming the absolute serenity, as the sun goes down and beautiful colors overwhelm the sky and the hills.

You will need just a few minutes’ drive from the port of Aegiali to reach Tholaria. If you wish to walk, it will take you about 30 minutes on foot from the old path. Besides the port of Aegiali, Vigla Hotel offers easy and prompt access to Katapola and Chora, the capital of the island. From the hotel, you can take the bus and reach all these destinations in minutes. If you have your own vehicle, ample parking space is offered outside the hotel and facilitates your stay. 
Combining panoramic views to the Aegean and the stunning mountainous landscapes with smooth access to all the sights and attractions of the island, Vigla Hotel welcomes you to Amorgos for unique holidays in Greece!
Tholaria, Aegiali
84008 Amorgos
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